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The Norm Theatre bookings are done through our bookings manager, therefore please contact us at for inquiries.

Please read below for our usual booking options:

1) If you are a party (UBC-affiliated or not) looking to book the Norm for a screening, please first contact us at to book our technician services (Standard fee: $250). If we are able to book you, we will then direct you to booking the theatre with the AMS. Additionally, a projectionist ($50/h) and a floor manager ($20/h), both with a minimum of 5 hours, have to be hired. There must be one certified projectionist and one experienced floor manager present for all screening. The floor manager is an usher/supervisor and sells concessions. If you expect a large crowd or need to check tickets, we recommend hiring a second-floor manager.

2) As a UBC-affiliated club, you can collaborate with us on an event/screening in the Norm! The first step is to contact us at Note that this means we will be sharing decision-making responsibilities! 

3) Finally, if you are simply looking to book the theatre for an event that does NOT require our technician services (including sound and screenings), then please contact AMS Bookings directly at

For more information please contact


Thank you for your interest!


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