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the norm selects

UBC Film Society's digital initiative for the year 2020/21 featuring online interviews with filmmakers, actors et. al, exclusive screenings, online discussions, and more!



Pavan Moondi

 A writer/director originally from Toronto and currently based in Los Angeles, Moondi ihas written and directed three critically-acclaimed feature films: Everyday is like Sunday (2013), Diamond Tongues (2015), and Sundowners (2017).


Elvira Lind

Elvira Lind graduated from School of Media and Creative Arts, majoring in documentary film. She has worked within that field since directing and shooting documentaries of various lengths for TV, cinema and web on 4 different continents.


Anna Biller

Anna Biller is a writer and director who creates unique, female-focused, highly visual films. She has gained minor cult status, and her second feature The Love Witch won acclaim for its elaborate visual style and feminist themes.

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