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Want to make short films but don't know how to start?


Every year, FilmSoc runs a number of workshops which introduce you to the basics of filmmaking and prepare you for the rigours of production. To top it all off, we also produce two short films (written by you!) to be screened in our theatre and submitted to festivals!

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Our Workshops

Make a film with us!

If you're interested in attending our workshops or want to submit your script for selection email for more info!


(Story Development)

October 7th to November 4th

We'll work with you to get your creative juices flowing in this stage. If you have a story already, we'll work to refine it in different aspects- plot, character arc, dialogue

Just bring yourself and maybe a computer/notebook/pen/whatever feels right


November 18th to November 25th

Lights! Camera! Action! You can now bring your story to life here. We'll prepare you for the rigours of production and teach you everything you need to know to create the best work.

And maybe we'll even shoot a lil' somethin' somethin', so come by for a magical afternoon.

Post Production

November 30th to December 5th

With all your raw footage, you're now going to want to piece it together into a coherent story.


In this stage, we'll teach you different editing techniques that you can use to do so. You'll also get to learn about a few software platforms out there.

"There's Room For One More" is a thriller about a wary roommate.

FilmSoc Films

FilmSoc Productions


Check out the films
produced by FilmSoc in 2017-2018

* Disclaimer *

These events are for anyone who is committed to the Productions project and unless you are actively involved your work will not contribute to the project. That being said, anyone is totally welcome to come and learn about filmmaking and production.

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