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Who We Are

The UBC Film Society (FilmSoc) is one of the oldest and largest clubs at UBC. As far back as the 1930’s, FilmSoc has been making films and entertaining the UBC community through film previews, film festivals, and regular screenings.


FilmSoc has something to offer everyone. Our club allows you to be as involved or uninvolved as you would like while still offering amazing benefits. Just want to see cheap movies? FilmSoc has you covered! Want to make films? We're the club for you! Want to meet new people or volunteer? We can make that happen!


Membership is cheap and the benefits are endless.

Instagram: @ubcfilmsociety

Facebook: UBC Film Society


Meet The Execs

We are a student executive team that organizes all of our events and screenings!

If you're interested in getting more involved, join our mailing list (click here) for a monthly newsletter and join our Facebook group!


General Contact:

Who We Are



Hey, I’m Amelia! I’m a fourth year english major :) My favourite film is Bridget Jones Diary! Feel free to reach out to me via email!



Film Liaison

Hi everyone! I'm Fernando.
I'm in my fourth year of Film Studies with a minor in Art History. This is my second year as a FilmSoc exec, and I look forward to programming the weekly screenings as Film Liaison. My favourite film is Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, and I have a particular love for anything camp.
Feel free to come say hi if you see me at any of our events or send me an email to discuss possible collaborations and screenings!




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Jasmina Simsone

Co-Productions Manager

Hey, I'm Jasmina and I am in my third year at UBC studying Film and Visual Arts. I'm from Latvia and hope to pursue a career in both majors in Vancouver or back home (or anywhere that pays to be fair). If you have any questions feel free to reach out through email!



Co-Productions Manager


Jessica Fraser

Co-Theatre Manager

Hi! I’m Jessica, I’m a masters’ student studying French, and I’m co-theatre manager for the Norm. I did my undergrad in Film Studies at UBC, and this will be my fourth year in FilmSoc. I like watching movies, making short films, and teaching/taking dance classes, and I’m really looking forward to meeting all our new members this year!



Co-Theatre Manager

Hey there! I’m Chantal and I’m a third year student majoring in Psychology and Cinema Studies, and I’m one of the co-theatre managers for the Norm theatre. It is my second year being part of the FilmSoc team and I cannot wait for the next years. I am super into rom-coms, fantasy movies, photography, and anything art- or music-related. I’m excited to meet y’all this year! :)




Lily Growe

Radio Liaison

Screenshot 2023-09-11 at 1.30.35 PM.png

Hey, I'm Lily. I’m a second year student and this is also my second year in FilmSoc. I co-hosted The Reel Whirled, the UBC Film Society’s radio show at CiTR 101.9FM, last year and I’m super excited to be hosting the show again this year. Please reach out if you would like to get involved with the show, I’d love to chat movies with you!!!!





Hey! I’m Gurjot. I’m studying computer science and philosophy. My favourite film is Bay of Angels. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or just want to chat!



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cpm35 2023-08-17 43517_edited.jpg


Computer Operations

Hey cinephiles, I'm Everett and I'm a fourth year Film and Sociology major. It's my first year being FilmSoc's computer ops exec and one of my favourite films is The Doom Generation. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions regarding our website or newsletter!



Co-Bookings Manager

Hey everyone! My name is Wes and I’m a third year English major with a minor in Film Studies. My favourite film of all time is The Social Network! I’m a big fan of the Oscars, love trying to stay up to date with as many new releases as possible, making lists at the end of each year, as well as stalking all my friends on Letterboxd. If you ever want to plan a collaboration with the film society, book out the norm theatre, or have an overall chat about film, feel free to reach out by email!






Co-Bookings Manager

Hi! I’m Khushi, a fourth year English Literature major and a Political Science minor. I’m co-managing bookings this year and looking forward to all the creative collaborations and events we have to offer. I love surreal and absurd films as well as psychological thrillers and I’m always down for film talk!




Promotions Manager

 Hey, I’m Zach. I’m a fifth year History major, minoring in Geography, and I’m excited to be the Promotions Manager for this year! I watch too many movies and listen to too much music so if you have any recommendations, send them my way. For all other inquiries, send me an email and I’ll see if I can lend you a hand. 






Social Coordinator 

Hello! My name is Nick and I’m going into my third year of Political Science. I’m excited to be serving as your social coordinator for the upcoming year. If you see me around at any of the screenings or events please say hi and ask me about Tom Cruise movies! 


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